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Pont du Gard

The highest Roman aqueduct in the world

"I walked the three floors of this superb building that respect almost prevented me from daring to tread under my feet ... I felt, while making myself small, I don't know what lifted my soul and I said to myself in sighing: why am I not born Roman ". Thus spoke Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Les Confessions. Will you feel the same when you put your feet on the highest of the Roman aqueduct bridges?

Just one hour and 15 minutes from our hotel, this bridge, one of the wonders of Antiquity, is worth a detour, even an important one. This civil engineering work, built between 40 and 60 during the reign of Emperor Claude, spans the Gardon magnificently from the top of its 48 meters and three floors of arches. Abandoned in the 6th century, it was miraculously spared from time and wars. The golden hue of its old stones harmonizes perfectly with the rocks, the waters, the surrounding trees.

The Pont du Gard, listed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO since 1985, is the most visited ancient monument in France. Labeled Grand Site de France with a perimeter of 165 hectares, it is a sensitive natural area composed of Mediterranean landscapes intimately linked to the Bridge. The Grand Site offers a very diverse range of discoveries, including a 2,500 m² museum on the history of the Pont du Gard, a discovery area - Ludo - with many games and riddles on Roman civilization, water, environment and archeology. It also has an outdoor course - Mémoires de Garrigue - a walk in the garrigue punctuated by many discoveries to understand how this typically Mediterranean landscape has been shaped by men over time.