General sales condition & hotel rules

As both the general sales conditions and hotel rules are part of the contract between the hotel and its guests, at the time of confirmation of the reservation from the client, this one hereby agrees on the general sales conditions and hotel rules. No booking is possible without this agreement. The non respect of the following conditions will have as consequence the cancellation of the contract between the hotel and the client.

Scale of application

The following general sales conditions and hotel rules applies for every booking proceed via internet, websites or mobile services as well as direct booking to the hotel. To every booking applies the consultation and total acceptance without any reserve of the following general sales conditions and hotel rules.


These general sales conditions and hotel rules are applicable during all the opening period of the hotel “La Clé des Champs”. The hotel is keeping the right to modify at any moment and without notice the general sales conditions and hotel rules.


The client is considered as the only responsable for the choice of services in order to fulfil his needs in a way that the responsibility of the SARL “La Clé des Champs” cannot be engaged for the clients choices. Bookings have to be guarantee with a credit card valid until at least the end of the stay. The hotel is charging a deposit of 30% of the stay with a minimum of 60€ per night. The client can pay the deposit by bank transfer if wishes however in this case the total amount of the stay will have to be paid at the latest the day before the arrival. Without this payment the booking will be cancelled. The integrality of the payment of the stay has to be done directly with the responsable of the hotel.

Annulation, modification and no-shows

To be taken into consideration, any cancellation will have to be done by writing to the email address of the hotel. The hotel commit to refund, at the demand of the client, the deposit received if the cancellation is done at least 5 days before the arrival. In case of cancellation of less than 5 days before the arrival date, the hotel will keep the initial deposit. In case of no-show or cancellation of less than 24h before arrival, the hotel will have to charge the amount of the entire stay.

For the rate mentioned as “non-cancellable & non-refundable”, the pre-payment of the total amount of the stay will be done upon reservation, at this stage the client will not be able to cancel his booking. In case of early departure or late check-in the totality of the planned stay will be charge. Every booking is nominative and cannot be given to another person.

Stay at the hotel

As per national law it will be required to the guests upon arrival to fill-in a police document. To be valid guests ID will be required. The client accept to use the room as well as the facilities of the hotel as if it was its own. By consequences following any non-respectful behaviour the hotelier may require the client to leave the property without any refund or indemnity if payment has already been done. In case no payment has been done, the client will have to pay the number of nights already consumed before to leave the hotel.

The hotel is equipped with ADSL/WIFI system. The utilisation of this facility is free and any illegal use/download is totally forbidden. Subject to exceptions to be discuss with the hotelier, check-out time is at 11:00 AM the day of the departure. In case of non-planned late check-out the hotelier will charge one extra night. The client is not allowed to invite any extra person unknown by the hotelier and without an authorisation of this one. Indeed, the client cannot book a room for a number of person superior to the allowed number of clients per room.

All our room categories (standard, superior or suite) can only accommodate 1 to 2 persons. No extra guests will be allowed in the room.

Persons under 18 years old cannot occupy a bedroom alone and have to share their room with an adult; “superior” bedrooms can eventually accommodate a bed for babies but this will have to be agreed directly with the hotelier.

Access to the bedrooms

Check-in time starts at 3:00 PM, if the bedroom is ready before this time the hotelier will do his best to provide it the guests however this is not guaranteed. The client should inform the hotel as soon as possible if check-in will be proceed after 7:00 PM. The client may ask for late check-out (after 11:00 AM) which will have to be confirmed by the hotelier in order to be agreed. The client may ask the reception to keep their luggage for the day and take advantage of our luggage service. The client will be inform upon arrival of the working hours of the different hotel facilities. Breakfast is served between 8:30 & 11:00 AM. In order to have diner at the restaurant, please book a table before 12:00 AM at the reception. Please turn off the sound of your mobile phone, correct clothes are mandatory.

Upon booking and agreement with the hotelier, small dogs are accepted in a limited number, this includes a fee of 15€ per day. in order to guarantee the comfort to all our clients and by hygienic measures, dogs are not permitted neither at the restaurant or the pool. Furthermore, dogs cannot be left alone in the bedroom while their owners are out of the hotel and they have to be hold with a leash within the hotel.

The swimming pool is exclusively reserved for hotel guests, pool games and material are totally forbidden (ball, pool mattress…). The swimming pool is a slippery area, running around is forbidden as it can easily be dangerous. Children under 4 years old and babies are not allowed in the swimming pool, jacuzzi or the steam. A smaller swimming pool is available for young children. For security reasons the swimming pool is closed from 8:00 PM to 8:30 AM. During this period, the swimming pool is protected by an alarm and the use of this facility is forbidden.


Indicated prices are per room and for the selected number of persons and dates. Prices are in Euro including the VAT applicable the day of the booking, any change in the VAT will be applicate on the indicated rate at the facturation. Rates are included only the indicated services. To the initial rate will be add any additional service consumed by the guests.

Applicable rates are the ones indicated upon booking. Rates might differ depending on the seasonality and demand, the hotelier is free to change his pricing at any time. By consequences the indicated prices on the hotel’s website or any online booking website are available only during the time this rate is display on these different websites. Only the price indicated on the booking confirmation is valid.

The national tax, indicated on the rates page, has to be paid directly on spot at the hotel. Any modification, new tax or law created by the authority and government will be charged on the rates indicated on the booking confirmation. Some online promotions are only available online and not at by direct booking at the hotel.


The payment of all prestations has to be done during the stay directly to the hotelier. We are accepting the following credit cards: VISA & MasterCard. It is also possible to pay by bank cheque with presentation of an ID or by cash. For your comfort, if the amount of the stay is equal or up to 1.500€, we will send you an intermediary note to be paid upon reception.


Upon check-out the client will have to give back the room keys to the reception. It is totally forbidden for the client to take any furniture or object from the hotel; if after check-out the clients realise that they have in their possession something belonging to the hotel, it is their responsibility to contact the hotel or it will be charged.

Respect of sleeping hours for all guests

Any excessive noise, even during the day, is forbidden. Following any disorder or scandale under any form, the client might be asked to leave the hotel. For the comfort of every guests any excessive noise must stop between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

Non-smoking property

For security reasons and for the respect of all, it is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the hotel. Relatively to the article n°2006-1386 from the 15th of November 2006 stating the conditions of application for the interdiction to smoke in public places. Smoking within the hotel will implicates a fine of 70€ or judiciary sanctions.

During dry season, the hotel limits the smoking areas to the swimming pool/terrace area, for important security reasons it is important to follow these instructions, otherwise guests may be ask to leave the hotel after payment of the facture. Indeed, it is forbidden to cook and make laundry within the bedrooms.


In case of any deterioration the client will engage his civil responsibility. Furthermore, the hotel reserves the right to invoice the cost of reparation or replacement of material even if these deteriorations are seen after departure of the guests, which will be charge on the given credit card.

Forgotten objects

Forgotten objects may be send to the guests upon request and to their charge.

The Management